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Friday, May 6, 2011


Marco and I were recently asked to be God Parent’s to two little beautiful children that we adore. I feel honored to be asked to be asked to be a godparent. However being a godparent whether being asked by someone that maybe didn’t even know why they chose you or whatever the reason may be, to me it is a big responsibility. It’s not about being a relative but being a role model to that little teachable, absorbing, and beautiful child, and about being available, being loving, and being a guide. I hope that I can come through as one of those guides for these beautiful children. J
My godmother is my aunt Nancy. She is my mom’s youngest sister and I think she was the luckiest of my Mom’s siblings because she was the youngest and hopefully got to spend the “Best” times with my grandma and grandpa. J Anyway I have fond memories of visiting my Aunt Nancy. I feel like I spent lots of time with her and her family when I was small and also got to spend time with them when I was in college and interned near where they lived. I can remember Ross and Alyssa, mostly Alyssa, her children as babies and I also remember my Aunts Values. I know by seeing her values as a person, values as a mother, values as a wife, and values as a teacher. I think as children seeing is believing, actions speak volumes, and they know what is in your heart even if you try not to show something. I felt those things from my godmother, but I also saw them. I know that my godmother loves and loved being a mother, loved being a teacher, loved her husband because I not only could see it, but I felt it when I was around them.
Recently I went to a class at a Catholic church for a God Parent “class.” The Deacon who was teaching this class I could tell was a very kind and sweet soul. He did two things that touched my heart. The first one was that he carried around a prayer box, with angels on it, and he stored all the names of the children that he had ever had baptisms for and every time he prays, he prays for all those little children. He has kept every child’s name in there since he was ordained. Isn’t that awesome? Secondly, he told a touching story about Saints. He explained that a Saint just doesn’t need to be someone that you read about, but a saint can be someone that has touched your life, someone you have learned from, someone that you respect, someone that has given you hope, someone you have just met, or someone that has tattooed something on your soul forever. As I was sitting in this class I was thinking how lucky I am because I have so many people that have done those things for me in my life. I have learned so many lessons from so many people.  Thank you to all the people that have impacted my life, and who have touched my heart in so many ways.


April D. Schultz Djibonon

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  1. April,

    You made my day! Your words touched my heart and soul. Thanks for being my "godchild". I hope that your life is filled with only joy, love and happiness. I love you lots and appreciate the beautiful woman you have become.